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Total Fusion - Chermside



10:45am Yin Release



9:30am VinYin


*Private, Corporate, and Small Groups Available*

Private, Corporate, & Small Groups


Private yoga sessions are a great way to introduce you to yoga, deepen an already strong practice, or meet a personal practice or lifestyle goal. Whether you’d like to find more stability in standing poses or build a strong foundation for a meditation practice, the uniquely personal attention you receive will take your practice to the next level.

*One to One ratio*

Corporate yoga classes help keep your employees healthy and flexible in both body and mind. It provides all the benefits resulting from reducing stress levels along and improving physical health. Having the option of doing yoga at work can give many employees the support they need to transform their lifestyle. Corporate yoga students often experience improved concentration, better clarity, decision-making, and productivity, as well as more awareness of their needs and how to meet them in healthy ways. 

Benefits of corporate yoga include:

  • Increased staff morale

  • Higher productivity rates

  • Decreased illness and sick leave

  • Better staff relations

  • Reduced worker’s compensation claims

  • Improved customer service


Small Group classes are a great way to build connection, celebrate, and have fun with your friends! More personal attention is given with only up to 5 participants in a group. Whether it's for a Hen's Celebration or to build consistency within a more intimate setting, small groups take the pressure off by allowing you can pick the time and location to suit your needs.

*5 Participants or Less*

Classes are tailored to suit personal demographics, and ensure participation 

at a level suitable for each individual.


For more information or to book your first session, get in touch HERE!

Megan Crossfield