Complimentary 3 Day

Beginner Meditation Course

This course is designed for you to begin your journey into meditation as a complete beginner. No experience needed!
a taste of what you can experience when you take the time to be still. During this course you will receive unlimited access to three ten minute lessons introducing you to a variety of meditation tools and techniques to establish a habit of meditation.

This includes:

  • Three 10 minute lessons

  • Breathing practices (Pranyama) to ground you

  • Mudras to connect and sustain your practice

  • Personalised Mantras to use in your ongoing journey

  • Access to Private Facebook Group for support and connection

These practices will continue to be available to you once the course has finished so you can keep the momentum going! Each day yu'll receive a lesson in your inbox to explore; you'll also gain access to my Private Facebook Group to connect with other yogis experiencing the course. Experienced practitioners are more than welcome to join, or if you just need a refresher. Jump start your year by taking the time to nourish and quiet your mind by taking on the transformaitonal practice of meditation!






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