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— Lindy Farley, Student, NSW

"Megan has helped me so much with breathing and relieving wrist pain. Doing private lessons with Megan has had a huge impact on my practice, so much so that I've booked more sessions over the next few weeks. I can't wait! I love my yoga and that someone with such passion and expertise is there to help me."




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Join Megan on your wellness journey! Change is inevitable, but the direction in which we move is a choice. Learn how to mindfully and intelligently navigate your way to more joy and tranquility. With Megan's expertise and first hand experience through a diverse range of healing modalities, you will find your way to a more balanced way of living.


Located in Brisbane, QLD Australia, Megan offers a variety of resources gleaned over a decade of study within the wellness world. Receive educated advice and compassionate support to help you pacify a busy mind and live a beautiful life!

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